Beaver Builder Allows Drag & Drop WordPress Page Building Without Coding

Beaver Builder allows the beginner to create WordPress page layouts using a drag & drop interface without knowing how to code. This flexibility lets you create just about any page you can think of. CHECK OUT BEAVER BUILDER One of my favorite features is the ability to save your custom templates and move them from […]


Troy Dean’s Process For Creating His Weekly Newsletter

Troy Dean has an excellent process for outsourcing the creation of his weekly newsletter. By going through the process of documenting fully the necessary steps for creating his wonderful newsletter, he is able to hand off the hard work of creation while keeping the quality outstanding.Troy Dean’s Newsletter Process​ Call me a nerd, but in […]

Ever Wonder Where Google Gets Those Autocomplete Suggestions?

Whenever you go to Google and start typing in the search field, Google starts to fill out some suggestions as you are typing. Ever wonder where those suggestions come from?Well, they mostly come from what other people are currently searching for. The list is comprised of searches that people have been entering lately that begin […]

Sandy – A Free Calligraphy Font from DealFuel

When you need the elegance of a hand-crafted Calligraphy Font consider using the free font – Sandy – from our friends at DealFuel.Hard to beat the price of Free! Plus it is a beautiful handmade calligraphic font you can use in your personal projects not for resale.​ License details are available at DealFuel. Get Free Font!

Click Funnels Will Replace 3 Other Tools To Make More Sales

Click Funnels is built for anyone who wants to make sales online. This includes Affiliates, Product Developers, Software Sellers, Small Business Owners with a Website, pretty much anyone who needs new customers.What does Click Funnels do? It guides your visitors through your sales process however you want to define it. Imagine someone landing on your […]

Seven Easy Ways to Track User Engagement with Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free and fast way to measure your website visitors’ activity on your pages and posts.This data can help you focus on the content that your audience loves and what you should be focusing on creating more of.Here are seven of the main engagement metrics available in Google Analytics. Bounce Rate Bounce […]